The weight is finally lifted of my shoulders.

Please. I wish.

The past few weeks have been very stressful. For those of you who know, I am performing at our school annual Variety Night. (along with a few other very talented bunch of kids). Alongside with this pressure, has come the pressure of the most dreaded time of year: half-yearlies. Yes my dear readers, exam week is upon me. First up, I had my lovely English exam last week (which I am severely hoping to pass, as I need to keep up standard from last year), followed by my Geography test tomorrow (which I have not yet studied for….Oh the joy), which is then followed by my Maths common test, and then, my Psychology exam the week after. In all honestly though, I have yet to feel the pressure of these exams. For those who know me, will know that I am definitely not the studious type in comparison to my wonderful (yet quirky) group of friends. I’ve never studied properly test, always hoping to wing it and get good marks. And usually I do….get between 50-90%, which in my little world, is good. So, getting back to the main focus of this blog post, I have still yet to feel pressure. Right now, I am very stressed about my dance performance on Wednesday. Usually to de-stress myself, I dance. But now, dancing just makes me even more stressed as I think about Wednesday’s performance. Oh the horrors of school. The horrors of exams. The horrors of my very mediocre life.

I come across as the very ‘laid-back’ girl. The girl who simply does not care and never pays attention. But yes, I am known for my very random bouts of absolute panic and stress, which usually happens to me when I have to much on my plate to handle. So this year, being school certificate year in Australia, had made me come to the conclusion that I really do need to organise my time better and concentrate a great deal more, if I do want to pass SC. My very wise mother has just started to crack down on me and keeps pestering me to study and whatever normal parents do. But how am I supposed to do that? Lesson of the day guys: Time management is essential.

I will leave you all here and go and ‘attempt’ to study for my geography test tomorrow.

Au revoir!

2 thoughts on “The weight is finally lifted of my shoulders.

  1. Darling. When did you get so wise? Time management is quite essential, and grandmother says that you should perhaps FINISH YOUR DANCE BEFORE FOR TOMORROW.

  2. You really have much to do in your school years don’t you. I really wish you luck surviving year 10.

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